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To: NLS Restoration Technical Discussion <>
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From: Jonathan Cheyer <>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 09:03:38 -0700
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Hi John,    (01)

Comments inline.    (02)

Jonathan    (03)

John Sechrest wrote:
>  I think that it will be good to have the external switch, so that the
>  keyboard knows which mode to come up in as a default. And it can be
>  programatically converted between them.    (04)

The default mode should definitely be the standard keyset mode (5 bit), 
since most applications are not Augment-enabled and would require the 
standard (non-Augment) behavior of the mouse when left- or 
right-clicking on things.    (05)

If you are able to find a way to programmatically switch between the two 
modes, then I would suggest skipping the state switch altogether, since 
the default state will be the standard keyset mode. It would also 
simplify the hardware a little and keep the user interface simpler for 
the end-user (no extra switches to deal with).    (06)

>  It is not a power switch. It is mislabled in the drawings. it is
>  a state switch for the mode of the mouse/keyboard. In one state
>  the mouse and keyboard are seperate. In the other mode, the 
>  three buttons of the mouse and the 5 buttons of the keypad
>  are mapped into an 8 bit key code.  (Augment mode)    (07)

Ah, thanks for the clarification.    (08)

>  One of the USB connectors is for the PC connection
>  One of the USB connectors is for the Mouse
>  One of the USB connectors is for a USB Fob
>  I have assummed that the cable to the PC is just a seperate 
>  cable. And that one of the USB connectors would be labled as 
>  the upstream connector.     (09)

Ok, this sounds fine.    (010)

>  The circuit board will do the key processing. And it will programatically
>  support the two modes that you describe. To do that it will need to 
>  operate as a psuedo USB hub. As the key codes pass thru the usb hub,
>  it will transform the keycodes based on the switch. To do this makes
>  the board more complex. But it makes the Augment mode possible.
>  And it makes the keyboard transparent to the PC system, so that
>  it will not need any driver on the host. 
>  At least that is the goal.     (011)

If you think you would be able to support a programmatic switching of 
modes, that would be really great! This is essentially our "ideal" 
version of the chord keyset.    (012)

Yes, avoiding the need for a driver on the host is a really useful 
proposition, because that would allow us to have the keyset be used (in 
5-bit mode) for all traditional applications on the major platforms 
(Windows, Linux, MacOS) without any software work.    (013)

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