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Re: [nls-technical] serial ports with klh10

To: NLS Restoration Technical Discussion <>, Jonathan Cheyer <>
Cc: NLS Restoration Technical Discussion <>, Ken Harrenstien <>
From: Philip Gust <>
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 11:49:39 -0800
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Ken,    (01)

How convenient!  Someone recently offered to donate a working 
lineprocessor to the project.  Would you be willing to donate the 
DM2500?  One of my pet ideas is to bring up a complete hardware 
system including a working Dec10/20.  CHM has one (a Japanese clone), 
but it would be fun to see if someone has one that we could dedicate 
to this project.  Any ideas on where to look?    (02)

At 11:03 AM 11/27/2005, Ken Harrenstien wrote:
>(p.s. FWIW this reminds me I still have a working DM2500, but it would
>need a working lineprocessor in order to function as a NLS/Augment
>terminal.)    (03)

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