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[nls-technical] SRI-NIC DEC-20

To: Bruce Kennard <>
From: Philip Gust <>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 05:29:05 -0800
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Bruce,    (01)

I'm working with a group a volunteers at the Computer History Museum 
on a project to preserve Doug Engelbart's NLS/Augment system.  Ken 
Harrenstien is also working on the project, and mentioned your 
name.  We're making some great progress on the software 
side.  Working with Doug, Ken, and Rayleen Pak, Jonathan Cheyer has a 
complete clone of Augment running on Ken's emulator.  We also have 
the Augterm and VAT terminal emulators working.    (02)

Although this started out as a software project, we recently started 
getting offers of Augment hardware, such as the original 
lineprocessor, a DM2500, and a chord keyset and mouse.  We've come to 
realize that preserving the hardware associated with Augment is just 
as important as the software.  In fact, we're intrigued by the 
possibility of bring up a full hardware version of Augment in 
addition to the current emulation.    (03)

Ken told me that you may still have the SRI-NIC DEC-20, and that you 
had contacted Dag Spicer at CHM about donating it at one point.  Did 
you ever do that, and if not do you still have it?  If so, we'd like 
to make sure it goes to the museum if you're still willing to donate 
it.  Please let me know, and I'll work with you to expedite the 
process and transport it over there.  Do you have any other Augment 
related hardware, software, or documentation?    (04)

Best regards,    (05)

Philip Gust
Nouveau Systems, Inc.    (06)

phone: +1 650 961-7992
fax:   +1 520 843-7217    (07)

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