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Re: [nls-technical] SRI-NIC DEC-20

To: Bruce Kennard <>
From: Philip Gust <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 14:15:33 -0800
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I hadn't heard back from you so I'm resending this in case my 
previous message went astray.    (01)

At 05:29 AM 11/28/2005, Philip Gust wrote:
>I'm working with a group a volunteers at the Computer History Museum 
>on a project to preserve Doug Engelbart's NLS/Augment system.  Ken 
>Harrenstien is also working on the project, and mentioned your 
>name.  We're making some great progress on the software 
>side.  Working with Doug, Ken, and Rayleen Pak, Jonathan Cheyer has 
>a complete clone of Augment running on Ken's emulator.  We also have 
>the Augterm and VAT terminal emulators working.
>Although this started out as a software project, we recently started 
>getting offers of Augment hardware, such as the original 
>lineprocessor, a DM2500, and a chord keyset and mouse.  We've come 
>to realize that preserving the hardware associated with Augment is 
>just as important as the software.  In fact, we're intrigued by the 
>possibility of bring up a full hardware version of Augment in 
>addition to the current emulation.
>Ken told me that you may still have the SRI-NIC DEC-20, and that you 
>had contacted Dag Spicer at CHM about donating it at one point.  Did 
>you ever do that, and if not do you still have it?  If so, we'd like 
>to make sure it goes to the museum if you're still willing to donate 
>it.  Please let me know, and I'll work with you to expedite the 
>process and transport it over there.  Do you have any other Augment 
>related hardware, software, or documentation?
>Best regards,
>Philip Gust
>Nouveau Systems, Inc.
>phone: +1 650 961-7992
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Philip Gust
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