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Re: [nls-technical] [nls-restore] progress on NLS/Augment restoration

To: Jonathan Cheyer <>
Cc: NLS Restoration Technical Discussion <>, Jake Feinler <>
From: Jake Feinler <>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 13:29:08 -0800
Message-id: <>
Phew!  That's a LOT of questions!  Let me start down the list:
On Nov 10, 2005, at 7:21 AM, Jonathan Cheyer wrote:    (01)

> Hi Jake,
> A few more questions to get us started:
>  * Is the source code on paper or on some other medium?
Source code is on paper    (02)

>  * If the source code is on paper, do we have any easy way to scan the 
> source code? We are primarily interested in electronic versions of the 
> code, and you can continue to hold onto the original artifacts for 
> preservation
The Museum has some pretty good scanners; however, all of the code we 
have is lineprinter listings.  Some are better than others.  I have 
copied some of this old stuff on a Xerox machine and done some scanning 
with mixed results.  You can try.    (03)

>  * If the source code is on some other medium, do we have the 
> necessary hardware to read the medium and transfer it to a modern 
> computer?
>  * Approximately which years do you believe the versions cover?
We have a number of versions starting way back and going up to 1977 
when ARC left for Tymshare.  I do not know if they are complete 
versions or not.    (04)

>  * Approximately how much code would you estimate is in the NIC 
> collection (in either pages, or kilobytes, depending on medium)? I'm 
> trying to get the order of magnitude of what would be available
Roughly a couple of thousand pages; however, I am sure there is 
duplication    (05)

>  * Do you know if any of the collection lists specific people as 
> authors/contributors?
We are in the process of producing a timeline for when features were 
added to the code and by whom.  This is just in the beginning stages.  
Harvey Lehtman (former ARC programmer) is helping with this.    (06)

I will be at the Museum today (Thursday) from about 2-5.  (Just 
leaving)  If you are there, come by and I will show you what we have.  
I am located in the corner of the area that houses the documents (the 
furthest opposite corner to where Allison has her downstairs office.)  
If you don't have access, ask one of the staff to bring you down.    (07)

> Thanks,
> Jonathan
> Jonathan Cheyer wrote:
>> Hi Jake,
>> We are indeed looking for old NLS source code. Thanks for the offer. 
>> I'll move this email thread to the nls-technical and we can continue 
>> the conversation.
>> Thanks,
>> Jonathan
>> Jake Feinler wrote:
>>> If you are looking for old NLS source code, I have several versions 
>>> of same in the NIC collection.  It is text, not machine-readable.  I 
>>> don't know how complete any given version is.  Contact me if you 
>>> have any interest and I can show you where to find it.  In the 
>>> interests of preservation, I would ask that we copy anything that 
>>> you want to use rather than removing or using the original
>>> Jake Feinler
>    (08)

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