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Re: [nls-technical] [nls-restore] progress on NLS/Augment restoration

To: nls-restore <>
From: Jonathan Cheyer <>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 07:01:29 -0800
Message-id: <>
Hi Jake,    (01)

We are indeed looking for old NLS source code. Thanks for the offer. 
I'll move this email thread to the nls-technical and we can continue the 
conversation.    (02)

Thanks,    (03)

Jonathan    (04)

Jake Feinler wrote:
> If you are looking for old NLS source code, I have several versions of 
> same in the NIC collection.  It is text, not machine-readable.  I don't 
> know how complete any given version is.  Contact me if you have any 
> interest and I can show you where to find it.  In the interests of 
> preservation, I would ask that we copy anything that you want to use 
> rather than removing or using the original
> Jake Feinler    (05)

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