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Re: [nls-legal] Fwd: NLS/Augment

To: NLS Restoration Legal Discussion <>
Cc: John Toole <>, Sally Abel <>
From: Jonathan Cheyer <>
Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 09:35:19 -0700
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Phil,    (01)

We have printed letterhead from the other companies, right? I think it 
would be a good idea to see if we can get a written statement from him 
just for the records.    (02)

Jonathan    (03)

Philip Gust wrote:
> John,
> I will send a printed version of this message for CHM records.  Do you 
> think it's necessary to ask him to send this as a letter on Verizon 
> letterhead, or is this electronic form sufficient?    (04)

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