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Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 06:25:39 -0700
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Thanks for sending this.  The NLS project is one of the pilot projects of the Computer History Museum to learn about how to collect and restore historical computer software.  Because of its age, complexity, and history, this has been a challenging project from both a technical and a legal standpoint.  We are lucky to have a number of dedicated volunteers, including Doug Engelbart and several members of the original NLS team.  Several friends of CHM, including Vint Cerf and the late Lew Platt of Boeing, have also generously helped us secure permission to make NLS/Augment available to the computer history community.  We are very grateful to them, and to you, for making this possible.

Best regards,

At 09:40 PM 5/19/2006, Peterson, Robert A (Bob) wrote:
I am sending you this note at the request of Vint Cerf.  I understand that the Computer History Museum wishes to make use, in a not-for-profit capacity, of the copyrights in a piece of software known as NLS/Augment, which I am told is a PDP-10 emulator (?NLS/Augment?).
I also understand from emails that Vint has provided me that ownership of the intellectual property rights in NLS/Augment is said to have passed at various times from SRI to McDonnell Douglas to British Telecom and, ultimately, to MCI.  MCI did acquire certain assets from British Telecom?s North American subsidiary in a transaction that closed in January 1994.  It does not appear, however, that MCI acquired ownership of the intellectual property rights in NLS/Augment as a result of that transaction, although based on the documents available to me it is not possible to conclusively determine what rights MCI may or may not have in NLS/Augment.
In any case, Verizon Business Network Services, Inc., as the successor to MCI Telecommunications Corporation, Inc., has no objection to the Computer History Museum?s use, for not-for-profit purposes for the benefit of the general public, of whatever copyrights may exist in NLS/Augment. 
This communication is not intended, however, nor should it be construed, as a representation or warranty as to the rights that Verizon Business Network Services, Inc. or any predecessor entity may or may not have in NLS/Augment, or as to the appropriateness of the Computer History Museum?s intended use of NLS/Augment.  Verizon Business Network Services, Inc. makes no such representations or warranties, and this note is provided to you without liability on the part of Verizon Business Network Services, Inc. or any related entity.
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Bob Peterson
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