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Re: [nls-legal] NLS copyright

To: Richard Cramer <>
From: Philip Gust <>
Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 06:46:49 -0700
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Richard,    (01)

That's a great letter, thanks for drafting it.  I know that John will 
be very happy to receive the good news.    (02)

Best regards,    (03)

At 09:08 AM 5/19/2006, you wrote:    (04)

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>Dear Mr. Gust:
>It was nice speaking with you yesterday.  I have attached my 
>proposed NLS  copyright dedication letter to the Computer History 
>Museum for your review.  As we discussed, I identified SRI as having 
>held the NLS copyright, and of dedicating it for all non-commercial 
>purposes.  Since the records of our sale of NLS to Tymshare in 1977 
>are not available, I have assumed that, even if we transferred the 
>copyright to Tymshare, we would have retained some rights for its 
>use in research.
>If this letter is OK with you, I will send it to Mr. Toole.
>    (05)

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