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Re: [nls-legal] Request from NLS restoration project at Computer History

From: Philip Gust <>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 05:59:54 -0800
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At 05:38 PM 3/17/2006, Philip Gust wrote:
>The Computer History Museum's Software Collection Committee has 
>several test bed projects aimed at developing methodologies for 
>collecting and preserving software, as the CHM currently does for 
>hardware and other artifacts.  I'm leading the NLS/Augment 
>restoration project.  We have several team members, including 
>Jonathan Cheyer, Adam's brother.  We also have several advisory team 
>member, including Doug Engelbart and Jeff Rulifson.  I've first met 
>Doug in 1986, when I was just starting the collaboration 
>technologies group at HP Labs.
>The reason I'm writing is to ask for your help. One of the major 
>goals of the project is to make the NLS/Augment system itself, 
>together with its source code and documents available for study and 
>new development on a non-commercial basis.
>We've successfully cloned NLS/Augment, and are in the process of 
>creating a installable version.
>One idea we've considered is to release a  DVD to coincide with 
>SRI's 60th anniversary. The DVD would include an installable version 
>of NLS/Augment, extracted documentation and source code, related 
>literature, a bibliography, a set of web pages to organize the 
>collection. It would also include a new Java based AugTerm we have 
>built that runs as an applet in a web browser and works with the SRI 
>chord keyset and a mouse.
>Before doing that, though, we need to ascertain the status of 
>copyrights to the system and related documentation.  We've spent 
>over a year tracing ownership and getting copyright releases from 
>potential owners along the way. No one claims to own it, although we 
>have evidence that all of them have at one time or another. In 
>short, NLS/Augment appears to be an orphaned work from a copyright 
>Our strategy has been to get releases from each of them to the 
>effect that they have no records of owning it, but have no problem 
>for their part with CHM releasing copyrighted material on a 
>non-commercial basis. Thanks to help from Lew Platt at Boeing and 
>Vint Cerf who used to be at MCI, we have releases from Boeing and 
>British Telecom, and expect to have one from MCI shortly.
>The final release we need before asking the CHM legal committee to 
>approve our moving forward is from SRI.  We realize that that SRI 
>sold NLS to Tymshare, but having such a release would provide 
>documentation covering the SRI to Tymshare part of the story and 
>enable us to complete our case for NLS/Augment being an orphaned work.
>If you are willing to authorize such a release, please let me know 
>who at SRI I should work with. I can provide the text for existing 
>releases as examples of what we're looking for.
>I should mention, too, that we're also investigating the feasibility 
>of creating reproduction chord keysets and possibly mice, since we 
>anticipate that the release of NLS/Augment, together with Doug's new 
>Hyperscope project, will generate renewed interest.  I've discussed 
>this idea briefly with Adam Cheyer and John Toole, and I'd like to 
>discuss it with you at some point to see if something might be done 
>jointly with SRI, CHM, and possibly Logitech.  I should have a 
>detailed proposal ready within a month.
>Best regards,
>Philip Gust
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Nouveau Systems products seamlessly integrate collaboration, 
information management, processes automation, and capture of 
mission-critical knowledge.  To learn how Nouveau Systems products 
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