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[nls-technical] final report from keyset testing

To: Dag Spicer <>
Cc:,, Philip Gust <>, Allison Akbay <>, Brian Cardanha <>
From: Jonathan Cheyer <>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 02:09:34 -0700
Message-id: <>
Hi Dag,    (01)

My apologies about the long delay it took me to complete the final 
report for the keyset testing. I started a new job not long after we did 
the testing, and it has been keeping me extremely busy.    (02)

I do appreciate the help that you and Allison were able to provide in 
allowing Phil and me to perform the testing in the first place.    (03)

As Phil mentioned in his summary of the results back in May, the testing 
was a complete success! We were able to verify all of the keyset pinouts 
and document which CHM keysets are working.    (04)

The NLS/Augment-style keyset works perfectly and is a type A 
( keyset.    (05)

All the Alto-style keysets are type D 
( keysets. 
Three of the four Alto-style keysets work perfectly, and the last is 
partially working (2 out of 5 keys are working).    (06)

The following is available as part of our concluding work in studying 
the keysets:    (07)

  * the report itself (attached PDF file)    (08)

  * additional information is on a public wiki 
(    (09)

  * photos (available as 25MB zip file); also available on wiki 
individually, at same URL above    (010)

  * donation of 3 hand-crafted adapter cables, which allow the CHM 
chording keysets to be connected to a PC for testing purposes    (011)

Please let me know to whom I should give the donated cables and when 
would be a good time to drop them off.    (012)

Thanks again to you and Allison for all of your help.    (013)

Regards,    (014)

Jonathan    (015)

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