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Re: [nls-restore] Getting access to the CHM's NLS project site

To: Derek Peschel <>
Cc: nls-restore <>
From: Jonathan Cheyer <>
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 12:08:53 -0800
Message-id: <>
Hi Derek,    (01)

Which documentation files are you looking for in particular? There are 
lots of random files that document pieces of NLS. Most of the files have 
not yet been organized and categorized.    (02)

Along with the source code, we haven't made available most of the 
documentation files yet, because the legal ownership of the files has 
not yet been fully determined.    (03)

If you are interested in helping to participate in organizing what files 
we have, we could use the help. We are trying to do the organization 
work in parallel with the legal work.    (04)

Jonathan    (05)

Derek Peschel wrote:
> That's valuable but it still only answers half my question.  I still need
> the original Augment files to reconvert.  (I'd rather not mess around with
> the HTML directly.)  They are all documentation files and they've already
> been published, so I hope distributing them wouldn't be too difficult.
> -- Derek    (06)

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