Summary    (JX)

augxml is a project started by JonathanCheyer to transform files from the original NLS file format into an XML format. It provides lossless transformation with the intention of bi-directional conversion.    (JY)

Status    (JZ)

As of 2007-04-01, most of the transformation work is complete. Most NLS files can be transformed into XML. Some meta data is still missing, and some files do not convert properly. As such, true lossless transformation has not yet been obtained. Therefore, bi-directional transformation does not yet work.    (K0)

Where to find augxml?    (K1)

augxml is being released as part of the HyperScope project. Source code is available at HyperScope project. It is also available from a subversion repository.    (K2)

License    (K3)

The code is released under GPLv2.    (K4)