Searching for NLS/Augment Copyright Owner    (M8)

The NLS Restoration project is part of the Software Preservation Group in the Computer History Museum located in Mountain View, California. We have spent the last several years working to obtain and preserve the NLS/Augment software. As part of this work, we have been trying to determine the legal status of this software.    (M9)

After a careful search, we believe we have identified all of the companies who could have potentially been a copyright owner. We have obtained [link] release letters from each of them which state that they do not believe that they are the current copyright owner. We now believe that NLS/Augment is an orphan work.    (MA)

In the unlikely chance that there is a person or company that we missed in our search, we want to identify and contact the owner to obtain permission for use of NLS/Augment for historical and educational purposes.    (MB)

If you believe that you or your company is the copyright owner, or if you have additional information about a company that you believe to be the legal copyright owner of NLS/Augment, please update this wiki page with any information you may have. Or if you prefer, you may contact us at copyright AT nlsaugment DOT org.    (MC)

 Jonathan Cheyer and Phil Gust
 NLS Restoration Project, CHM
 2007 June 8    (MD)