NLS_Restoration Preliminary Discussion    (8T)

Suggestion of meeting & agenda from Phil:    (8U)

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 From: Philip Gust <>
 To: Peter Yim <>, Jonathan Cheyer <>
 Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 14:22:30 -0800
 Subject: Re: Initial NLS / Augment CHM meeting    (8W)

... about at the same place we met a couple of weeks ago, around 7am. Will that work for both of you?    (8X)

I'd like to propose that we try to get through the following things:    (8Y)

1. What it would mean, in the context of this pilot project, to say we've successfully "preserved" NLS / Augment.    (8Z)

2. What steps should we take and in what order to accomplish this between now and, say August, how to partition tasks, and in more detail what should be our initial set of milestones.    (90)

3. What resources do we need from the CHM to accomplish this.    (91)

4. Who should be part of the "active" group, and who we need to have as part of the "advisory" group (including ex-Augment members who don't want to actively participate by have critical knowledge, or people like Jake Feinler from CHM or Henry Lowood from Stanford).    (92)

5. We need to consider Doug's role, since his participation is critical, yet his participation may fall somewhere between "active" and "advisory". He should feel as included as he wants and is able to Let's discuss how to create that space for him.    (93)

6. What tools will we use to collaborate and capture our work.    (94)

Please feel free to add or suggest changes to this list. Let me know if this works for everyone.    (95)

Best regards, Phil    (96)

Breakfast Meeting Wed Feb. 16, 2005    (97)

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 meeting adjourned 9:05am
 notes by ppy/2005.02.16    (A8)